sábado, 29 de mayo de 2010

Unit 3.What's this?

I hope you like you my room.. good bye !!

viernes, 28 de mayo de 2010

country: Portugal
language: Portuguese
Capital city:Lisboa

country: Venezuela
language: Spanish
Nationality: Venezuelan
Capital city: Caracas

country: Canada
language: English, frensh
Nationality: Canadian
Capital city:Ottawa

country: Italy
language: Italian
Nationality: Italian
Capital city: Roma

i hope like you my homework. see you ;) good bye!!

United 2. Where are you from?

Ronaldo: Hi! Whats your name?
Olga Tañon: My name is Olga Tañon.i am a singer What's your name ? and what is your job?
Ronaldo: OHH! very well,my name is Ronaldo and i am a soccer player.i am brasilian.Where are your from?
Olga Tañon: great!! i am from Pto Rico.

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Hello Word!!

Hi my name is Jose Leonardo Linares i am nineteen years old. i live in Maracaibo Venezuela and i am studying in Urbe. i like the music i can play the cuatro, piano and i sing too. i am gaitero. i am 100% regionalist i love my city, i love the chinita and i am aguilucho forever until death .

I hope you like . Good bye